• Biodiversity of streams and rivers
    Research scientists assess
    freshwater systems.
  • Ecological studies of aquatic species communities.
    Independent scientists evaluate
    ecological and environmental impacts.
  • Freeze-core technique sampling hyporheic zone of rivers
    Quantitative sampling for benthic species
    in streambed sediments.
  • Ecological and water quality assessments
    using protists and invertebrates.
  • Biodiversity of lakes and wetlands
    Ecological evaluation of
    endangered habitats and species.
  • Ciliate species communities
    Ecological studies of protists
    in natural systems and residual waters.

Hello and welcome to  PJSchmid Scientific Consulting.

We are scientists and experts assessing environmental and ecological impacts, biodiversity, and water quality of aquatic systems. A drastic worldwide decline in freshwater habitats and biodiversity necessitates an urgent improvement of public understanding about the important function of aquatic systems and, in particular, fluvial ecosystems. Our team is strongly commited to improve this understanding, in rehabilitating and restoring affected aquatic systems and, in protecting these vulnerable ecosystems from further destruction.  

Our expertise

Biodiversity analysis

Species identification of freshwater algae, protists and invertebrates, including benthic meiofauna. Biological and ecological assessment of water quality using the saprobic index based on protist species. We are experts in taxa such as ciliates, benthic rotifers and larval chironomids.

Impact assessment

Ecological and environmental impact assessment and monitoring of hydroelectric plants, pulp mills, landfills and other pollution sources impacting streams, rivers, estuaries, ponds, lakes and wetlands. Advices on how to avoid ecological damage or distinctly minimize negative effects on ecosystems.


Advice on study design, sampling methods and statistical analyses for ecological investigations and related fields. We are experts in quantitative hyporheic and groundwater sampling techniques. Assistance in project planning to obtain data publishable in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Ecological assessments and analysis

Ecological surveys

Surveys of freshwater habitats and their protozoan and invertebrate species assemblages, including water-quality assessment using bioindicators, with application of saprobic indices based on protozoans.

Ecological impacts

Evaluation and monitoring of man-made aquatic ecosystem changes, including those caused by hydroelectric impoundments, pulp mill effluents, wastewater treatment plants, habitat alterations, and point and nonpoint source contaminations.


Mitigating the extent and effect of aquatic habitat changes by applying water-quality improvement programmes, habitat-rehabilitation procedures, system-restoration schemes, and supervision of ecological monitoring work.

Our Company

The aquatic consultancy team

Cage-pipe sampling to study colonization processes in the streambed sediments

About us

We are scientific experts working on biodiversity, community and food-web ecology, and environmental aspects of freshwater systems. We provide independent advisory services and expertise for sustainable developments and innovative, efficient solutions with leading edge standards.

We conducted environmental impact studies, ecological surveys, water quality analysis, and statistical assessments for statutory agencies, the corporate and private sector for more than 30 years. We provide expertise in the identification of aquatic protist and invertebrate species, and in biodiversity assessments. We have conducted many scientific research projects and environmental and ecological impact assessments in Europe, North and South America. We are strongly committed to the protection of the natural environment.

The key team

PJSchmid Scientific Consulting are a team of scientists and experts in environmental impact assessments, assessing biodiversity, water quality and ecological effects on aquatic ecosystems.

Why choose us?

PJSchmid Scientific Consulting's high standard is underlined by a large variety of aquatic research projects with which we have been involved and by a long list of peer-reviewed international scientific and expert publications from over thirty years of scientific research.

Some applied projects

Some of our clients

  • London Crossrail
  • ERA Sustentable
  • Knepp Castle Estate
  • Swarovski Wattens
  • EWA KW Kartell
  • River Danube Verbund
  • Ministerium für Umwelt Rheinland-Pfalz
  • River realignment

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us if we can assist you or if you have questions about our services and products.  Our office hours are from Monday through Friday between 10:00 and 16:00 (UTC-04).  You can reach us either by phone or via email, using the mobile number or email link below.  As aquatic scientists, we spend a good deal of time in the field, and therefore, will not always be able to reply promptly.  If you call us when we are not available, please leave us a message.  We monitor our voice mail and email on a regular basis and will make efforts to respond as soon as possible.

  • info@pjschmid.com

  • (+56) 990 782 567; (+56) 966 463 948

  • PJSchmid, Ancud, POBox 274, Chiloé, Chile.