• Sunwapta river
    Ecological assessment of creeks, lakes, wetlands and reservoirs
    using qualitative and quantitative sampling methods.
  • Stand-Pipe Traps
    Ecological assessment of surface and subsurface stream communities
    using appropriate sampling technologies.
  • Bow river, Alberta
    Ecological assessment of freshwater systems.
    Species identification, biodiversity assessment and statistical advice by experts.
  • Freeze-Core
    Assessment of the riverbed surface and subsurface zone
    using deep-sediment colonization and freeze-core devices.
  • Habitat structure
    Assessment of diverse in situ habitat-structures in rivers
    using freeze-panel samplers to freeze the upper creek bed-layer.
  • Ecological impact assessment
    Ecological and environmental impact assessments of hydroelectric impoundments
    applying internationally/nationally appropriate standards of assessment and attenuation.
  • Sediment surface sampling
    Streambed-surface assessment of glacier brooks
    using light sampling gear.
  • Streambed surface heterogeneity
    Streambed surface-heterogeneity estimation
    using topographic surface-profilers.
  • Batrachyla leptopus, Chiloe
    Ecological and environmental evaluation of endangered habitats and species.
    Conservation of rare or threatened habitats and species.
  • Tierra del Fuego, Soda lake
    Enhance the scope and success of project proposals
    by working on species level. You don't have the skills? We can help you.

Some featured projects

  • Ecological impact assessment
  • Hyporheic stream community
  • Plankton community assessment
  • Habitat structure and its effect on meio- and macrofaunal communities
  • Stand-Pipe Trap sampling
  • Food-web structure
  • Species colonization
  • Freeze-Panel sampling
  • Food-web structure
  • Ecological impact assessment
  • Feeding interactions
  • Ecological impact assessments
  • Multifractal scaling
  • Ecological impact assessment
  • Ecological impact assessments
  • Food-web structure
  • Surface and subsurface stream community
  • Plankton community assessment
  • Ecological impact assessment
  • Food-web structure